Association of Estonian International Road Carriers (ERAA) is a voluntary union of enterprisers involved with road transport. ERAA was founded in Tallinn on 30 October 1991. As from 1992 the Association is an active member of International Road Transport Union (IRU).

The main task of the ERAA, as laid down in its Constitution, is to promote the development of road transport and to protect its members interests and rights on national and international level.

The main activities of the Association are issuing permits to all the companies which have international road transport licences and giving out TIR Carnets to the companies accepted to TIR system. In Estonia ERAA is a guarantee organisation of international guarantee chain of TIR Convention.

Association participates in discussions and decisions on questions concerning road transport on national and international level. ERAA provides its members with information and renders also other services connected with road transport.

Any company which is situated in the Republic of Estonia and registered according to Estonian laws and carries out road transport operations can become a member or member candidate of ERAA.